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January 2021: Kickoff meeting of the H2020-TWINNING project "ON THE ROAD TO EXCELLENCE IN UNRAVELLING THE (EPI)GENETIC LANDSCAPE OF HEMATOLOGIC NEOPLASMS" (, a consortium between the Institute of Human Genetics (Poznań, Maciej Giefing), UGhent (Pieter van de Vlierberge), UULM (Reiner Siebert) and the LRG of the UMCG (Anke van den Berg, Lydia Visser en Joost Kluiver) 

October 2020: Dr. Fubiao Niu received his PhD after defending his thesis “The roles of noncoding RNAs in B-cell lymphomas”. Dr. Niu who worked in a team guided by Dr. Joost Kluiver and Prof. Anke van den Berg, will continue his scientific career as a postdoc in Bejing, China.

September 2020: PhD candidate Johanna Veldman and Dr. Arjan Diepstra presented at the 2020 Interlymph virtual annual meeting. Johanna Veldman presented on “Rosetting T-cells in Hodgkin Lymphoma”, and Dr. Diepstra presented on “Cell-type specific eQTL and HLA”.

September 2020: Hematologist Dr. Tom van Meerten receives 30 million to set up a CAR T-cell facility in the UMCG. The project is in close collaboration with the Radboud MC, Erasmus MC and the Amsterdam UMC. In Groningen, Rotterdam and Amsterdam patients will be treated with CAR T-cells generated in Groningen. For further reading see here and here (in Dutch).

July 2020: PhD candidate Roza Cengiz received funding from the MMIT Topmaster program and will join the ncRNA team of Prof. Anke van den Berg and Dr. Joost Kluiver. In collaboration with Dr. Arjan Diepstra she will study the involvement of miRNAs in oncogenic intracellular signaling pathways in Hodgkin lymphoma using innovative screening approaches.

June 2020: Hematologist Dr. Marcel Nijland was a guest at the Medtalks EHA 2020. He discussed recent news and progress as presented at the EHA2020 on non-hodkgin lymphoma. The item can be watched here (in Dutch).

June 2020: PhD candidate Jessica Placa presented her work on gene expression signatures in Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma at the virtual EHA 2020 meeting. Her E-poster can be found  here.

June 2020: Students from the Hondsrugcollege in Emmen raised money for the by Lymph&Co funded project of Dr. Joost Kluiver and Prof. Anke van den Berg. In total they were able to donate the fantastic amount of 1800 euro. The money will be used to study the role of an important network of molecules that can regulate the proliferation of lymphoma cells.

May 2020: The HOVON working group Immune Effector Cell was founded. The Working group is chaired by UMCG hematologist Tom van Meerten and has as key objectives to setup and facilitate research with Immune Effector Cells, promote their production and usage and drawing up guidelines and protocols for their usage.

May 2020: Dr. Mathilde de Jong received her PhD after defending her thesis “Targeting WEE1 in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma: mediator in DNA damage and apoptosis”. Dr. de Jong who worked in a team guided by Dr. Lydia Visser and Dr. Tom van Meerten and will continue her career as a postdoc in Cologne, Germany.

March 2020: Hematologist Wouter Plattel gave, together with radiotherapist Anne Niezink a lecture on  Hodgkin lymphoma for the UMCG  "Medische Publieks Academie" lecture series. Lecture can be viewed here.

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